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Established in 1995, in only 19 years, the brand Gaudì has made a name for itself on the market with a young, captivating fashion, presenting an easy and sparkling total look for men and women. With fashion, research and style as its strong points Gaudì has the ability to catch important elements of continuity within the undefined and changing universe of youngsters and transform them into plus features of its production, where fashion, research and style are strong points. Today, Gaudì Trade SpA is a mature company which has developed and evolved its philosophy, along with a business strategy which sees the perfect integration of product, communication and distribution.

GAUDÌ presents a first line with a young and contemporary design, with elegant and glamour traits, for a determined, aware and feminine woman and for a dynamic, careful and self-confident man. Since 2007, it has been joined by GJ-GAUDÌ JEANS, the denim heart of Gaudì, a men’s and women’s collection made of jeans and basic wear, with a strong, decisive and plucky identity. Garments that enhance the lines of the female figure and the strength of the male body, to clearly highlight their seductive side. Vitality, freedom of movement and naturalness.